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The Most Loved Mini sold!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The latest car for sale at the KJClassics workshop has to be the most loved and cherished mini out there. Having had just 1 owner from new this mini has had no expense spared on the maintenance and up keep since leaving the factory in 1982. A huge folder of invoices account for pretty much every nut and bolt ever changed on this car. This shows everything from simple filter changes to suspension to more in depth engine work including an unleaded cylinder head. Near enough every piece of paperwork was kept, mot certificates, tax discs, receipts, everything. Not only has it been so well maintained but it also remains in its original form. Most 80s minis tend to get the boy racer treatment with big wheels, loud exhausts and silly interior mods. Nothing like that to be seen in this one . The car is more or less as it was when it left the factory retaining the original checker tan interior, original sharp radio cassette player, original wheels and hub caps, original glass and even the original dealer number plates. The history with this car is far to much to list and one of the best iv every seen.

The full file of mot certificates and tax discs.

A massive service and repairs file.

Comes with 2 sets of keys and all original booklets.

The paperwork for this car is so extensive it even comes with the original 1982 bill of sale as well as a instruction slip from British Layland authorising the mini to be moved to the launch area of the longbridge factory. History on classic cars don’t come much better than having documents from before the car was ever even sold to anyone.

Anyway enough about all that paper work. Anyone who has read any of my blogs before will no that I don’t sell even the nicest car without checking them out first. Hear are some of the checks carried out and parts the car was wanting upon first inspection. Mostly just the usual simple service items.

As always it’s important to check the general health of the engine with a compression test. Cylinder 1 is great with 160 psi

Cylinder 2 is just a touch under 160 psi

Number 3 cylinder is the strongest at just about 170psi

And lastly number 4 is just a touch under 170psi. All round a good result. Strong compression values like these are a good indication that the valves and valve stems are not worn out and are not coked up in carbon deposits. The valves, valve seats and piston compression rings can be given a clean bill of health at this point.

The valve clearance is then set to 0.012” on both the inlet and exhaust valves.

A quick oil and filter change.

Jacking up the back end and removing the rear wheels revealed a slightly noisy wheel bearing on the driver side and both rear wheel cylinders were leaking brake fluid. Not only was that bad for the wheel cylinders but leaking fluid had caused the brake shoes to corrode.

Hear we can see the rear hub removed and the old style ball bearings removed and being replaced with the more modern style roller bearings.

Rear end with new brake shoes, wheel cylinders, brake pipe and flexis on both sides.

Moving to the front hubs both sides had perished grease caps and the passenger side had a split cv boot which had made a mess as you can see. This is nothing that can’t be cleaned up and luckily no play was found in the ball joints or bearings so iv caught this just in time.

Both sides were cleaned up and new grease caps were fitted along with new brake pipes, shoes and wheel cylinders.

Front hubs with new brakes.

With so much of the braking system having been replaced and with slightly old brake fluid in the pipes it seemed sensible to replace the rest at the same time. In the end the master cylinder, brake bias valve, flexis, brake pipes, shoes and wheel cylinders were all replaced with new.

Underneath the mini is nice and tidy and solid having had front floor pans during its life time.

Finally a quick look at the parts that have been replaced. Some of the brake pipes hear had already been changed to copper which should last the life of the car. However with the older brake fluid in the lines and for the peace of mind it was easier to change them all. A full service and a complete brake overhaul have taken this already very well maintained mini back to almost factory fresh condition.

Now finished and ready for the road again.

M.O.T 08/02/2023 Passed with no advisories.

As of next year this Mini will be tax and m.o.t exempt.

This was a great investment for the new owner to store and preserve or as the previous owner had proved for 39 years, a great daily driver.

Hear at KJClassics we’re always on the look out for the next classic car. If you’ve got a classic car your looking to have repaired, restored or even to sell on don’t hesitate to contact KJClassics.

Call or text 07979 995720 or call 01263 649690 in the evenings.


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