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Scratch removal and headlight refurbishing

Updated: May 19, 2021

Head lights on classic cars are generally made of glass so fortunately this post won’t apply to them. However somewhere along the line manufacturers started to make there headlights from plastic. This means the softer material is vulnerable to the elements and to UV and over time discolour, ruining your headlight’s appearance and dulling their performance. However with the correct equipment and time spent the clock can easily be turned back. We got to work on this 2006 Ford CMax and the results are day and night!

Before and after a headlight restoration on a ford CMax

The same principles apply to paint and scratches. Provided the scratch is not deeper than lacquer coat on clear over base painted cars or in to the primer coat on single stage base coated cars the scratch can usually be fixed without the need for repainting.

With the right equipment some of the tiredest looking panels can be bought back to life.

Before and after a machine polishing paint restoration on a ford cmax

Contact KJ.Classics for your scratch removal and headlight refurb needs.

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