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The worlds most popular sports car

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

An obvious choice if a little more modern than most of the cars that pass through the workshop is this Mazda MX5. This one came to me not needing a full restoration given its relatively young age by my standards and an MOT running until 5th May 2022. The 12 service stamps in the book also suggesting it’s been well maintained over the years however still in need of the kind of care given at K J Classics.

Hears what was done to get it up to scratch.

First on the agenda was to take care of the standard mx5 rust zones (the rear wheel arches and rear of the sill) this is usually caused by blocked drains which in this case were badly blocked. Some welding had already been done for the mot but these spots were only advised.

Unfortunately mot inspectors are only aloud to tap rust spots to test how strong they are………. I on the other hand have a tendency to get rather aggressive with the hammer and chisel. I find this is the best method to make sure all the rust is found under the mud and years of under seal. It creates a little more work but better to be safe than sorry.

Once all the rust is found it can be cut out to a point of strong steel and new sections can be made and welded in place.

After welding, the repair sections and under side are treated to a coat of under seal.

Next up is the body work. Although no welding was done to the doors they were covered in a fair amount of dings and dents so they were knocked out and filled. Also a layer of paintable stone chip was applied to the lower portion Of the car to achieve the factory finish.

Last on the body side is the paint. The wheels were looking tired so we’re given a quick scuff up and paint while I had the equipment out. The nose cone was also done due to cracking in the lacquer.

Once the paint was dry and hard it was time to turn my attention to the mechanicals. It was due for a service and although it has good service history it was over due a cam belt kit. As such I ended up replacing the following. .cambelt

.cam belt tensioners

.water pump


.oil filter

.air filter

.fuel filter


.spark plugs

.H T leads

.1x tyre

.cam cover gasket

.alternator belt

.power steering belt

Now finished and ready for the B roads this one has found a new home and will be enjoyed for miles to come. Get in contact to arrange for your car to receive the same treatment and you could be enjoying the sunshine in your much loved car.

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