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Mazda MX5 For Sale

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Now finished at the kjclassics work shop is this Mazda mx5.

This one came to me having sat for a little while. Although it was mot’d and a few receipts for maintenance including general servicing new brake pads and brake callipers the car had only covered roughly 4000 miles in 4 years which meant it had been sitting around in between these periods. It’s appearance was generally tatty and in need of some love so let’s get into it.

Once back at the workshop the first job was a good look underneath. This revealed a small hole in the drivers floor which extended into where the floor joins the sill at the front. Nothing serious a quick patch this time is all it needed.

Further back at the rear of the car the battery tray was found to be well on its way to being rotten. The easiest solution was to cut away the bottom and completely replace it. The inside of the tray was finished in Schultz along with the underside of the car as no more rot was found. ( note that the reason for the rust in the tray was caused by blocked drain holes behind the seats on the inside of the car. This is common on these as no one ever cleans them out) they have now been cleaned out.

Next up was to inspect the outer sill and wheel arches. The sills had been covered in Schultz so this had to be removed with thinners in order to inspect them properly. The previous owner had assured me they had been welded recently but if i didn’t check I wouldn’t be doing my job. With the Schultz removed I could confirm they had been welded and were still in good shape so no need to mess about with them. The arches how ever were rusty but not bad enough to cut it out. An angle grinder took off the surface rust and a die grinder with tungsten burs took care of the slightly deeper parts. The arches were then chemically treated and then filled.

The outer sills were then coated in paintable stonechip ready for the topcoat.

The car and wheels were then painted in 2k clear over base coat.

With the car now looking great it was time for some new parts. The major service kit included



oil filter

air filter

fuel filter

cam cover gasket

power steering and alternator belts

cam belt and tensioners

water pump and gaskets.

these were fitted along with new oil and fresh anti freeze. At the same time an inspection of the steering, suspension and brakes was carried out to check for any excessive play or wear in any of the components.

Hear we can see the new cambelt and water pump being fitted.

Also fitted during reassembly was a new mass airflow meter due to a rough idle. some other minor work was carried out such as making the radio work again and freeing off stiff window motors.

The last jobs were a new hood fitted and an mot which passed with no advisories. Now Sold!

or ring or text Kingsley on 0797995720 to arrange a viewing

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