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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The latest car to leave the KJ Classics workshop is this stunning MGB convertable.

This beautiful car had all the ingredients of a restoration. Welding, paint, engine repair and service, the works.

first off the seats and carpets were remover to weld some patches in the floor pans both sides. Not a major job as it didn’t require full floor pans. Once the welding was done the floor was colour matched to the car.

One of the bigger problems with this car was that the rear quarters had been replaced at some point in the cars life and as such the boot shut lines were terrible. The only way I could fix this was to cut down the rear valance on both sides and stretch the metal until the gaps were correct and the weld it all back together. The boot and rear end of the car were resprayed at this point.

A full stainless steel exhaust system and a coating of wax oil finish the under side of the car.

Mechanically the car was a bit hit and miss. The brakes, steering and suspension were all perfect. The engine however was another story. Some days it would run perfectly and other it would misfire at random intermittently.

After a full service, new contact beaker points, condenser, rotor arm, plugs, leads and a full rebuild and balance of the carburettors…… guessed it, it was still misfiring. After hours and hours of head scratching it turned out that the wire to the alternator had split and was shorting out on the engine. A very simple fix that took forever to find

We are really pleased with how this little gem has turned out and thrilled that another happy buyer can enjoy the british summertime in this little slice of Great British engineering.

A true British classic.

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