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A true British Icon

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The Mini, a true Icon of british design and engineering. This one is our beautifully restored Mini Mayfair.

Given a full restoration, with replacement floor pans and sills from Mini Sport welded in. Several custom fabricated repair panels to the main body have been added to bring the body back to its original condition. Topped off by an in house respray to an eye catching high gloss white with black trim to give a modern feel to this classic shape.

Wheels are a refurbished set of 12” Minilites also sprayed in matching white.

The interior has been professionally cleaned and kept in its all original pale blue trim with minor repairs to the upholstery.

Under the bonnet is where the bulk of the action has taken place with a replacement of the master and slave cylinders, exhaust system, carburettor, fuel pump and coil pack along with a full service, engine respray and all brand new braking components.

From top to bottom this is a testament to the detail that KJ Classics can bring to a classic car.

Safely stored away until after lock down we hope to offer this gorgeous car for sale soon.

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