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Updated: Apr 4, 2021

When most people think about fixing up a classic car, the first thing most people think of is the dreaded R word. RUST.

Now, everyone in the classic car trade hates rust, it ruins otherwise beautiful vehicles, but a lot of the damage can be reversed by a good fabricator. Some panels can still be brought but a-lot of the time it is necessary to make my own panels from scratch as we see hear I’m using the deep shrinker to form the shape of the rear foot well of the Peugeot.

This time the bead roller is used to follow the grooves of the 1969 MG midget boot floor so the freshly fabricated panel can seamlessly slot into place and be welded in.

Panels like this structural peace between the bulk head and suspension mount on this MG midget are no problem with the right tools and 20 years experience.

Repair sections like inner rear quarter usually put people off and its at this point cars tend to be sent to the scrap yard but with a little time and expertise they can easily be rescued and once the welds are ground back it will be virtually invisible.

Simple looking repairs like this at the end of a sill look easy enough but if you,ve ever tried to bend a peace of metal 3 different ways you’ll know its really not that simple.

One of the biggest problem facing classic car owners these days is parts. The service parts needed for the average classic car these days arent neccessarily sitting on the shelf of your average motor factor.

Things like these brake shoes, suspension drop links, steering track rods or even carburettor rebuild kit may seem like the kind of thing that may be readily available but when the car in question is a 50 year old Austin or a 40 year old ford that isn’t always the case.

Luckily we are here to help. Over the years we have built it up great relationships with a host of specialist suppliers and can get all the parts needed to service your classic car. From local guys like Wilco Motor Spares to big global names like Castrol Classic, we have the right relationships to keep your classic car in top condition.

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