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Check out below to see what we have sold and learn a little about what work was needed before finding new homes around the county.

Sold Cars: About


A popular choice of classic car, running a smooth 3l V8 it doesn't hang around if you want a little speed every now and again.

Working on this car was fairly straight forward concidering its age. Once a handful of age related mechanical issues had been delt with the next step was to respray the removeable hardtop and replace the aging soft top.

Sold Cars: About


It isn't always doom and gloom when it comes to restoring classics, sometimes they just need a little tune up and some cosmetic attention to bring them back to life.

With this MGB the brightwork had seen better days and had gone a little way past resurection so we purchased new bumpers. The enguine was in good shape but the overdrive required a rebuild which really sounds worse then it actually is. 

These cars really have come up in value of late and have quite a bit of charm which earns the odd thumbs up from passing cars on the road. Not just a sunny day car, these can be enjoyed rain or shine any day of the week!

Sold Cars: About


A slighty unusual little car that was a bit of a wild card.

When I first see this car on paper it didn't jump out at me but it was a different story seeing it in the flesh. There are not many of these on the road so researching the market prior viewing was a little fruitless but sometimes you just know a good thing when you see it.

After an inital inspection it was clear there wasn't a great deal of work needed to bring this little gem back from the sidelines to lively little head turner. Purchased as an entry level classic by a new generation of classic and retro car owners.

Sold Cars: Welcome
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